We look like a digital agency, but we're actually a sales agency.

Sure, we can see why people mistake us for a digital agency because we build websites that intuitively guide the user through familiarity and visual appeal. 

But, we only do it because it is a part of how sales numbers are driven. We have been selling since the early nineties when we knocked on peoples doors during dinner and convinced them to buy. These days it’s more complex, so we adapted.

We combine decades of real-world sales experience with great web-design.

Chillweb Marketing is an end to end contemporary sales solution. We were born out of the hard slog of commission-only sales in the 1990s. Then, we evolved, and we brought those principles of courage, hard work and charming personality with us. If you are searching for more sales but don’t know where to begin, we need to talk.

What do you need?

A Beautiful Website

The moment a customer first visits your website, they will judge you. It doesn't matter if you make the best croissants in your state; they will only buy from you if your shopfront is attractive. As well as beautiful, it needs be familiar, not some piece of disfunctional modern art. Also, it needs to tell your story. People become so focused on their products that often websites can become a dry list of features. We build websites that are beautiful, eye-catching and original, yet familiar and straightforward in construct, and with a narrative that creates a bond between your business and the customer.

A Professional logo

A logo is your entire business described in a single image. It is your trademark, your brand. It tells the world who you are and what you can do for them. All of the most exceptional businesses in our community have an enticingrecognisable logo. Someone should be able to look at your logo and immediately get an idea of who you are and what it is that you can do for them. Our logo team will create you something special or clean up and modernise your current logo to bring it into the 21st century.

Stunning professional Images

Some might say that 70% of a good website is in the photos. Too many sites we see have pictures that have been taken on someone's phone and haven't even seen a moment of processing. Your photos tell your story, and they help your customers visualise an experience. Our professional media team will create brilliant, professional, high-resolution images that your customers will be helpless to resist. Do not underestimate the power of good images.

Captivating Sales-Driven Content

Many of the websites we come across are an elaborate buffet of material about the business. When customers turn up, they don't know what to eat or in what order. We believe a website should be more like a five-course meal, guiding the patron merely where you want them to go as they delve deeper into your sales funnel. We create web content that moves the client through a buying process and only provides them with the significant knowledge that is meaningful to them rather than the business itself. This content also applies to ongoing web articles and social media.

Advertising Optimisation

Paying for traffic without knowing digital advertising is like flapping around in the dark. Driving traffic to your website is one of the trickiest things that a business owner can undertake themselves. We analyse your product to find the best platforms to advertise on and our traffic experts optimise your campaigns to bring in the maximum leads for your business.

Social Media Management

No-one will deny the enormous impact that social media has had on our culture, but few people grasp what is required to utilise social media correctly. Many businesses post one or two pieces of content a week and believe its enough. It's not. Mid-size companies employ teams of social media managers who post, comment, like, and get involved in the community. We will create and run social media campaigns that inflate your brand awareness and get you in front of millions of significant eyes.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many firms are still paying people thousands to do their SEO for them. Remarkably, these SEO firms don't even have access to their client's websites. In today's world, 85% of your SEO is on-site. That means it happens within your website. The Google algorithm is getting brighter every day. Its chief interest is to rank sites that will provide the best imaginable value to the user. Old SEO approaches will wound your website. We optimize our sites to charm the Google algorithm from the start so you can climb the heights of Google promptly and organically.

Sales Campaign Consulting

We believe in being the best at everything we do, but sales is something we have been doing for a very long time. Marketing is like a pilot that takes your customer to their destination. Sales is the skilled air traffic controller that guides them onto the safe runway of your business. It is the art of closing deals. Every business is different, but whatever your closing process looks like, we will be there to help you get it together.

Imagine if you could get all of this for a simple monthly fee?

Why complicate matters by having to deal with multiple agencies and freelancers? At Chillweb Marketing, we make it incredibly simple for you. One monthly fee and we take care of the lot.

About us

Back in the nineties, we were salespeople. We knocked doors, blasted phones and did whatever it took to close the deal. Like Neo, we were bulletproof. Times have changed, but we are still the same salespeople. We haven’t changed, but the system has.  Now, the same sales are being made on the internet. So, we had to adapt. Well, adapt we did. We still love doing whatever it takes to close the deal, its just that these days what it takes is more demanding.


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