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Andy Morris

My name is Andy Morris. I am the owner of Chillweb Marketing

I used to think I could do anything, and I could do it alone. But, as time went on, I realised things are always more effective when you work with a team of influential professionals. 

I have been building my team of professionals since 2015. That was around the time when I realised that running a business was no longer going to be a matter of knocking on someone’s door and hustling them into buying something from you.

Sales has become a meticulous art. It is so different now that people are buying online. You can’t be there in their face, re-directing them when they go off track. You have to get it right from the start.

Some might say we are a digital agency. I tell people that we are a digital sales agency. Our priority is driving sales for our customers. To that end, we do whatever is necessary to make that happen. It’s just that in this age, that happens to include a whole bunch of internet stuff.

Things aren’t much different from what they were back in the 1990s. You still have an emotional human at the end of the line. You still have to do the right things to lead them into making the correct decisions at the proper moments. It’s just now, the medium we use to go about that is more complicated. Back then, you had to describe everything with your words. Now, we show and tell

The process is the same. We uncover the issues, we present a solution, then we facilitate the compelling visualisation of that solution and, the resulting riches. It’s not rocket science.

It can get tricky though. To run a business these days, you either have to be capable at doing everything yourself, or hire many different freelancers, all of whom are taking their cut of your well-earned profits, leaving you with a smaller and smaller pudding at Christmas. 

I could have been another one of those freelancers. For years, I ran a successful sales training business. I charged my clients thousands to teach them how to do the good stuff- closing the deal over the phone. 

Depending on your business, you might still need to close the deal on the phone, but it is much less common. Either way, I decided not to be the one charging a fortune for just one part of the process. I decided I wanted to facilitate the entire process and to charge a fee that was a whole lot less than what one of these freelancers would charge for just a single part.

I have over twenty years experience in sales. It ranges from knocking doors in dodgy suburbs, Selling funeral insurance cold over the phone, Running teams on ferocious campaigns. In more recent times, I have set up sales teams for some of Australia’s biggest organisations. I have revolutionised the way a lot of these companies sell. I have always been number one on every single campaign I have worked on as an agent, manager or trainer. Give me twenty minutes on the phone with you and you will understand why. 

I want you to know that we are a sales company. That means that we are here to help you make sales, whatever that takes. We will build the infrastructure for you to be incredibly successful at what you do. If you need to close deals over the phone at the end, we can help you with that. 

Chillweb Marketing is an end to end contemporary sales solution. We were born out of the hard slog of commission-only sales in the 1990s. Then, we evolved, and we brought those principles of courage, hard work and charming personality with us.

This next decade is one of sheer abundance for those who are ready to take the right steps. Somehow, we have joined paths at this time, and you can now be part of that great abundance. I look forward to sharing your powerful business transformation with you.

All the best 


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